Skin Peels

Effective for both men and women of all ages

who want to restore a healthy glow

Skin Peels

Skin peels have become exceedingly popular over the last few years. They are a magnificent treatment in combination with non-surgical procedures or as a stand-alone treatment. They are very effective for both men and women of all ages who want to restore a healthy glow.

Chemical skin peels can make a significant difference if you want your skin to look smoother, younger and most importantly radiant. Many skin problems are associated with an excessive build-up of dead skin cells, which makes the skin thick and dull, usually clogging the pores.

Skin peels offer a revolutionary way to effectively treat ageing skin, acne, reduce sun damage and hyper pigmentation.

What you need to know

How do they work?

Skin peels intensively exfoliates the upper layer of skin to give room for dead skin cells to slough off effectively. This action gets rid of debris and irritants from the skin and prevents excess sebum from clogging the hair follicles. When this happens blocked pores and the formation of pimples are significantly reduced, unveiling healthier, fresher skin.

What products are used?

Agera Skin Peels represent a major advancement in the non-invasive treatment of ageing skin, acne and pigmentation. The unique no down time peels provide visible results without unsightly skin shedding, redness or irritation.

What does it contain?

The peels contain a unique combination of stable acids, delivering a stable form of Salicylic,

L-ascorbic and Lactic acid.

Is this a superficial, medium or deep peel?

The depth of the peels can vary depending on the combination of the peel used and the PH of the peel applied. It is recommended that the programme starts with a superficial peel and if tolerated progress to a deeper strength application.

What skin problems does it claim to treat?

Agera treatment peels have been developed to treat ageing, acne and pigmentation.

  • Anti-ageing peels stimulate deep within the skin to promote collagen and elastin production and help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles for a firmer, smoother and more radiant appearance.
  • Acne peels rapidly bring acne under control and dramatically reduce the risk of future scarring. The peels also reduce blocked pores and redness associated with acne conditions.
  • Pigmentation control peels penetrate the skins pigment cells to gently and effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted discoloration for a more even skin tone.
What is the protocol for pre-treatment?

Unlike most facial peels there is no home skin care preparation needed pre peel so they are suitable for all skin types and ages. All patients post peel must apply a suitable SPF30 daily.

What areas can be treated?

Face, chest, back.

Will the Agera skin peel hurt?

There may be a mild heat sensation when the peel is initially applied to the skin, but this is very mild and will quickly pass.

How many skin peel treatments are recommended?

Individual Agera peels are available, however, for optimum results it is suggested that a course of 6 peels are undertaken, spaced 10-14 days apart. This allows for a multi-layered treatment programme. A longer course may be required for pigmented skin or moderate to aggressive acne. Ongoing maintenance treatments performed monthly/bi-monthly are recommended.

Benefits of Agera skin peels
  • Deeply penetrating with a potential to reach the reticular dermis, but are not associated with any downtime or discomfort.
  • Agera peels are more flexible for treating different skin types.
  • Non glycolic and no home skin preparation needed pre peels.
  • Gentle peeling, proliferating and sterilizing action, therefore, no excessive skin shedding.
  • Work in combination with Microdermabrasion treatments.
  • Suitable for all skin types and ages.
  • No animal extracts and free from high levels of perfumes which can potentially cause irritation or allergies.
  • 10 years solid dermatological research
When would I not be suitable for a Skin peel?
  • Allergy to Salicylic/Aspirin
  • Active Herpes or cold sores
  • Facial waxing, epilight or depilatory creams used within the last 48 hours.
  • Taking Roaccutane (refrain for 6 months)
  • Any pre-existing connective tissue disease (SLE)
  • Pregnancy
  • Cosmetic surgery within the last six weeks in the area to be treated.
  • Fitzpatrick skin type 4, 5 or 6 should not use SLC 40 and SLC 50
  • Client is unable to use recommended home care.
Possible side-effects:
  • Possible irritation, reddening
  • Sensitivity to sun, the daily use of an SPF30 is recommended.
  • Flaking and or dryness of the stratum Corneum (outermost layer of the skin) as a reaction of increased stimulation to the epidermal cell layer.
  • Allergic reaction to perfumes and other products that you have been previously using.

Individual session: £50.00

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